Sunday, October 18, 2009

Official Clearing Day

Had clean up all the mess in room, my cubic, clarified on certain things, and I feel so much lighter now. I shall declare today as my official clearing day =)

While going through all my old stuff, I came across a few things which require me to decide either to keep it or throw it away. Some had successfully landed inside the dustbin. lol. :D

Mmmm..I still have a few more things that need to be done. I’ll think about it tomorrow..Ouh Ouh!Had I really turning into a different person lately?? Hahaha.. Maybe.. I’m not sure.. But im ok with the way I am right now. Turning point is getting nearer kottt. :p

p/s : I’m still confuse about my path. Let’s wait and see aje lahhh.. ^-^

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