Thursday, October 21, 2010


Most people have dreams or nightmares. Dweam is like a dream that cannot be classified into either category and is somewhere in between, starts off really great then gradually turns into a twisted series of events that you have no control over.

Well,I had it. It was full of drama and panic.

Over and over,the dream repeated itself, like a loop of film, until I felt like I was going mad. In the end, I woke up when Mama came and banging at the door wanting to know if I ever intended to get up. Alhamdulillah,I was just so relieved when I heard her voice and realized that I was safe in my bed, and not trapped in my dreamworld.

Bad Dreams Should Not Be Disclosed
Nabi Muhammad (S) said, ...If he has a dream that he dislikes, then it is from Shaitan. He should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and he SHOULD NOT MENTION IT TO ANYBODY, then it will not harm him." (Sahih Al-Bukhari) If one does tell somebody about the bad dream then there could be the chance that some harm will come out of it.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Tower of Strength.

Mama once told me, "Life has its ups and downs. One minute everything seems to be filled with sunshine and is a bed of roses but other times you will be right down in the pits, feeling sad and despondent. But thats okay because that will toughen you up and make you a better and wiser person".

Yeah, i know Mama.. If something bad is going to happen.. Its fine though, I'll take time to mourn but like mama said, life goes on and I'm going to do just fine. I'll survive because I'm still young. Plus, I got to let life turn me upside down initially so that I could live the right side up.

I totally agree with you Mama. I'm still young! And I am sure these things will keep on happening as our life is a journey rather than a destination. Yeah.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Am i Grown Up?

OK! I am turning 20 this year, which i think it is an age when you tend to act a bit stupid, thinking to myself that i am now practically grown up. Really? Also, some of my friends that just turned 20 don't need to obey their mum's silly little niggly rules any more. But for me, though mama always drumming into me on a just very tiny matter like "Kenapa tak kemas your wardrobe?. What i'll do is i just listen to her nag, reply YES to her and walk away to my room. But yet, i do obey my mama. :) Well, okay laaa. To be honest i am her anak manja. You see, me sometimes need to ask mama's decison on what am i going to do today, can i go out with friends, which car should i drive today, anddddd what am i going to wear for Kenduri(feast).

KENDURI? Oh nooo. OK!there are different clothes for different occasions, and if you don't get it right you can find that you have turned up in jeans and trainers while everyone else is dressed to kill. LOL. Or even worse, you are dressed to kill and everyone else is in jeans and trainers. OMG, that is truly squirm-making okay! It happened to me when i was 14. Well, basically we need to wear Baju Kurung or Baju Kebaya to attend kenduri kan. However, the contents of my wardrobe only stuffed with tops, jeans, dresses, knitwear, partywear, swimsuits, and 3 kebaya nyonya and only 2 baju kurung (because i seldom wear it). So, everytime theres a kenduri, i'll get confuseee lah! like "Ma..should i wear baju kurung or kebaya nyonya?", or "Ma....!can i just wear a long sleeve t-shirt and jeans??" Anddd this is when mama will decide which baju should i wear! LOL.

Well, there is actually a lot of my other silly story between me and mama. Toooooo long to write it here! :)

P/s: So, what do you think? Am i grown up?lol. XD

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Midnight Movie

I went to Cinema with Angah and Aaron..
No Popcorn,No Chocolate,No Coke..ONLY tickets. Haha..
We watched AVATAR.. It was awesome..
AVATAR is the most Amazing Film i've seen in years..!!I wanna watch it again and againnnn lah people!

I see You =)