Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Tower of Strength.

Mama once told me, "Life has its ups and downs. One minute everything seems to be filled with sunshine and is a bed of roses but other times you will be right down in the pits, feeling sad and despondent. But thats okay because that will toughen you up and make you a better and wiser person".

Yeah, i know Mama.. If something bad is going to happen.. Its fine though, I'll take time to mourn but like mama said, life goes on and I'm going to do just fine. I'll survive because I'm still young. Plus, I got to let life turn me upside down initially so that I could live the right side up.

I totally agree with you Mama. I'm still young! And I am sure these things will keep on happening as our life is a journey rather than a destination. Yeah.

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