Tuesday, January 10, 2012

FAQ: I must always put on makeup during working hours. How to perform daily prayers at workplace?

Many working women do not perform regular daily prayers at their workplaces because of their unwillingness to remove makeup to do ablution (Wudu').

Tips #1: always bring make-up remover wipes

Well for ladies whom are always on-the-go especially busy working women and travellers, I recommend you out there to purchase make-up remover wipes that can instantly and effectively clear off foundation, eye makeup and waterproof mascara without trouble yourself to clean your face with cotton pad, liquid makeup remover, and etc.

Simply buy one travel pack at the drugstore, drop it into your car dashboard or slip it into handbag and you are ready to perform daily prayers wherever you go! Easy? :)

Recommended products: Biore / Neutrogena / Simple

Tips #2: apply simple natural looking make-up

It only takes 3-5minutes to re-do your simple make-up after the prayer. Just a simple natural make-up will do since we need to perform Zohor and Asar prayers during working hours,.

*Unless you knw you're unable to perform prayers (during menstrual). Like for me myself, i apply heavy make-up only when i'm "on leave". Heee  ;)

Best Regards,

Fara Z

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