Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Body Pampering

And yesterday I decided to make my first appointment with Rzac Classique Spa for me, mama, and sister at 5.30pm. So after work I headed to Rzac Classique Spa which is 2-minutes walk from my workplace, while mama and sister readily waiting for my arrival at Rzac Spa. Tehee.

I have booked for Sauna Classique Herbal + Body Scrub treatment. Three of us had the same package.

Price: RM 52.00 for each person
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
* Pretty worth-it kan! No?

So we had our first sauna in Rzac Spa. Herbal sauna is to enhance the health of the body, clean the skin, and clear the mind. The benefits of the herbs, when used in the tradition sense, is to allow for an opening of skin pores, thus allowing for herbs to be absorbed and hence benefit vital internal organs. Haaa.

Next Adventure: Body Scrub!

Here are few types of ‘lulur’ that we get to choose for our body scrub session!
•Lulur Halia – Ginger Scrub
•Lulur Candle Nut – Candle Nut Scrub
•Lulur Serai Wangi – Lemongrass Scrub
•Lulur Pandan Wangi – Pandan Leaf Scrub
•Lulur Coffee – Coffee Scrub
•Lulur Cinnamon – Cinnamon Scrub

I chose ‘Lulur Coffee’..! Well I don’t drink coffee but I do love the aroma and it’s good for my tired dull skin too. *Hopefully* Mama and sister both chose Lemongrass Scrub.

Coffee Scrub
•Shed old dead skin cells with grounded coffee
•Feel the soft and smooth skin
•Promotes blood circulation

Lemongrass Scrub
•Lemongrass exudes a lemony aroma that rejuvenates and warms the body
•It also relieves the body of aches and pain
•Promotes blood circulation and remove wind in the body

Well, nothing much! I signed up for a membership because I can get 10-20% discount for my next visit! I’d give them 3.5 stars.

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