Sunday, June 26, 2011

It’s time to relieve your stress!

Stressful life experiences are sometimes unavoidable. You probably experience good stress and bad stress on a daily basis. Good stress is best described as the adrenaline rush you feel when you rise to challenges. Bad stress feeds on worry, fear and anxiety, and creates a vicious cycle of harmful stress that can lead to health problems.

Self-Help Stress relief Tips

  • Eat right and exercise
  • Set realistic goals
  • Handle important tasks first and eliminate
    unessential tasks
  • Take a break and meditate to slow down
  • Reduce the urge to be "perfect"
  • Be flexible
  • Avoid excessive competition
  • Reduce criticism of yourself and others
  • Don't stress when expectations are not met
  • Manage your anger
  • Push away negativity of any kind
  • Give yourself "me" time
  • Choose to keep quiet when you feel a
    negative reaction
  • Be cheerful, it deflates others stress and
  • Silence your phone at night
  • Dab essential oils on your wrist to reminder
    yourself to relax
  • Utilize relaxation techniques; Yoga, Meditation,
    Breathing, etc.
  • Laugh and smile more often
  • Remember you can only change yourself

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